Walmart adds news online outdoor merchandise store

Walmart recently made another big move to stay ahead of the online retail curve.

The retail giant launched a Premium Outdoor Store curated by Moosejaw on its website Monday. This is the first time Walmart has created an online store on its flagsip site for one of its acquired specialty retailers. Walmart acquired Moosejaw in February 2017.

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Moosejaw is an outdoor merchandise seller, including apparel, hammocks, hiking equipment and harnesses. It has recently taken major steps to mix technology with the outdoors, working with Walmart’s technology incubator Store Nº 8 to test how virtual reality could enhance the outdoor shopping experience.

Walmart, along with other traditionally brick-and-mortar retailers, have been racing to keep up with the Amazon Effect. As Amazon grows, more consumers change shopping habits, mainly a shift to shopping online. The specialty retailer is expected to draw more millennials to

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