WATCH: Aerial tour of Dayton’s proposed ‘Chicago-like’ biking trail

Bicycling or walking to downtown Dayton from the east side of the city could get much easier.

Although it’s still in the conceptual stage, the City of Dayton has taken the first steps to acquire 6.5 miles of railway that could eventually become “high-line” bicycle trail and parks on the elevated railway.

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The railway the city is seeking runs north from the Tenneco factory in Kettering along Woodman Drive and then turns west towards downtown at U.S. 35 near the Eastown shopping center. The railway then terminates near Wayne Avenue at Garden Station.

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Through the Surface Transportation Board, the city has requested that none of the railway infrastructure like bridges, trestles or culverts be removed. This would keep existing trestles and bridges at Linden Avenue, Livingston Avenue, Keowee Street, and McDonough Street.

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Dayton has until October 30 to reach an agreement with Norfolk Southern Railway Company.

Norfolk Southern rail path

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