No ID yet as police investigate body found in West Chester pond

WEST CHESTER TWP. — A man was found dead in a pond in West Chester on Saturday, making it the second time in a month a body has been found in a pond in the township.

The man was found by a person walking a dog in the area near Fountains Boulevard, and police have not identified him. They did notify the family of missing West Chester man Alexander Enslen that a body has been discovered, but there is no confirmation the man found is Enslen.

As of Sunday morning the incident was still under investigation and no identification has been made.

On March 5, Larry Houston O’Neal, 62 of Cincinnati was pronounced dead after drowning in a pond off Muhlhauser Road near Blossom Street. Township spokeswoman Barb Wilson said a man was walking his dog when he saw someone floating face down in the pond at around 5:30 p.m. that day and dialed 911.

Wilson said nothing appeared suspicious to police.

“There was an area set up for fishing nearby and a truck on the scene, so it was presumed that he had been fishing,” she said.

An autopsy was performed and the coroner’s report said the preliminary finding was O’Neal died of accidental drowning.

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