West Chester set to approve limited abortion insurance coverage

West Chester Twp. trustees are poised tonight to approve a revised health insurance policy, one that pays limited abortion benefits.

For a few years at least the township taxpayers have been paying for all abortions if employees sought one. When the Aetna policy renewal came up a couple weeks ago trustees Ann Becker and Mark Welch balked and refused to approve the contract.

“We did stop the Aetna renewal,” Becker said. “It’s not because of the health care; it’s just the moral aspect of using taxpayer money to pay for abortions.”

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Township spokeswoman Barb Wilson said the trustees will be voting Tuesday night on a revised contract renewal that does not cost any more money.

“The insurance plan before the trustees tonight for consideration does not extend coverage for ‘voluntary’ termination of pregnancy,” she said. “In the revised coverage, abortion is covered only to the extent the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, or if it places the woman’s life in serious danger.”

Welch told the Journal-News he can’t talk much about the issue prior to the meeting but he will vote to approve the contract renewal. Trustee Lee Wong approved the previous contract.

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