West Dayton lost Aldi. But a new chain could move in.

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West Dayton ALDI's closing concerning to local residents

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The Aldi in West Dayton that closed in April could be replaced by another discount grocery store.

The city of Dayton is reviewing a building permit request to remodel a roughly 15,250-square-foot space in the Westown Shopping Center for use as a Save-A-Lot.

The “budget-friendly” chain has several stores in Dayton, including one in the Wesleyan Hill area in northwest Dayton.

The Westown Shopping Center is owned by Columbus-based Skilken Gold, which declined comment.

The firm also owns Eastown Shopping Center, which a few years ago welcomed a new Save-A-Lot.

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Late last year, the Aldi at 4303 W. Third St. announced it would close after 20 years in operation. Aldi said its decision was based on multiple metrics.

The store served West Dayton residents, many of whom don’t have reliable access to cars. Some Aldi customers traveled by bus to get there. Greater Dayton RTA has a hub at the Westown Shopping Center.

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When Aldi closed, some local residents and community activists said that would worsen what already is a bad food desert. Some citizens said the area desperately needs another grocery store, and it wouldn’t be enough to bring a new “dollar store” that does not have fresh food options.

In East Dayton, some citizens were somewhat disappointed that a Food for Less grocery store that burned down last year is on track to become a Dollar General. They said Dollar General does not nearly as many food choices.

If Save-A-Lot opens in Westown, it’s unclear right now how it would measure up to the Aldi it replaces.

The Save-A-Lot in the Eastown Shopping Center has fresh produce, dairy items, lots of packaged meats, canned foods and TV dinners, among other items.

But the Aldi several miles south in Kettering has a larger selection of fruits and vegetables and some other fresh food products and also has lower prices on some staples, like milk.

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