Wright-Patterson lakes stock up on trout, catfish

The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s Natural Resources program prepares for the summer fishing season by stocking the base water ways with fish.

The Natural Resources program generally stocks the lake with two types of fish during the year. In the spring and fall, trout is stocked while catfish is stocked in the summer.

“The total amount of fish the base stocks annually depends on the amount of base fishing permits sold the previous year,” said Darryn Warner, Natural Resources program manager. “The fish stocking program is part of the morale, welfare and recreation program and is self-supporting.”

Trout is stocked in deeper waters. The cold water species needs deep, cool waters to survive during the warm summer months.

Bass Lake and Gravel Lake are where trout is introduced due to the depth of their waters. This usually takes place during March and November, but is dependent on the weather. Trout weigh between 3/4 to 2 pounds each.

Catfish are normally stocked into Bass Lake and Twin Lake during the month of June and weigh between 1.5 to 5 pounds each.

“All the fish are introduced into the water by net,” according to Danielle Trevino, Wright-Patt environmental specialist. “We last stocked trout on March 14, and we plan to stock catfish on June 27.”

To fish at the Wright-Patterson lakes, you must possess a valid Wright-Patt fishing permit. Children less than 12 years of age are allowed to fish on base, but they must be accompanied by an adult with a valid fishing license.

The limit on trout is four. Fish caught by children will be included in the limit for the licensed adult.

When fishing in the Mad River, Hebble or Trout Creeks while on Wright-Patt, you must possess a valid Wright-Patt fishing permit and a current state of Ohio fishing license.

The price of an annual base permit is $18, and a daily permit is $6. A new state license and/or base permit is required on March 1 every year.

You can purchase a base fishing permit at the Outdoor Recreation office in Bldg. 95 or at the Rod and Gun Club in Bldg. 892. Both locations are in Area A.

For additional information, call Outdoor Recreation at 937-257-9889 and the Rod and Gun Club at 937-257-3935.

Daily catch/possession limits on Wright-Patt

Fish caught by unlicensed fishermen (children less than 12) will be included in the limit of the accompanying licensed fishermen. When four trout have been caught, fishing must be discontinued for that day, regardless of whether or not the trout are given to another person or if fishing for a different species. Throwing trout back in the lake once they are caught is not permitted. Limits on non-landlocked waters are according to state of Ohio fishing laws. Limits on landlocked waters as follows:

  • Walleye – 2
  • Trout – 4
  • Bass (Large and Smallmouth) – 4
  • Catfish (Channel, Blue and Shovelhead) – 4
  • Bullhead (Black and Brown) – 10
  • Mixed Panfish (Bluegill, Rock Bass, Perch, Sunfish and Crappie) – unlimited
  • Forage fish (Carp, Gizzard Shad and Suckers) — Unlimited

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