Wright State asked for budget suggestions: What people said in response

Before approving budget cuts last week, Wright State University sought comments and suggestions from the campus community.

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Some comments were positive and praised officials for getting WSU’s finances in order while others criticized trustees and administrators for not keeping the university out of financial trouble in the first place.

Athletics was one of the most mentioned topics, a Dayton Daily News analysis of hundreds of emails showed.

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Athletics was a hot topic since the department’s budget was increased overall by $1.4 million.

Officials have said athletics went over budget by so much in previous years that 2018’s proposed $1.4 million budget increase would result in a $200,000 decrease in actual spending.

Wright State administrators and trustees have been responding personally to some of the comments and emails sent about budget cuts, said spokesman Seth Bauguess. Administrators declined to respond to some of the comments made during the budget comment period.

Trustees expected some of the negative comments they received because “this isn’t a pleasant period” at Wright State, said vice chairman of the board Doug Fecher.

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It’s important for the board to hear out members of the community, even if there is disagreement about what should be done to solve WSU’s financial problems, Fecher said.

“Nobody learns anything when everybody agrees,” Fecher said.

Below are snippets of comments pulled from emails, categorized by topic. All of the comments below are available in their full form on Wright State's board of trustees website.

Wright State Athletics

• Erik Banks, philosophy professor:

• David Bringhurst, assistant dean for academic success and foundation studies:

• Robert Nadler, medical student:

H-1B visa investigation

• Ronald Markert, professor of medicine and surgery:

• Christine Krebs, administrative specialist:

WSU administration

• Nancy Mack, english professor:

• Bruce LaForse, director of liberal studies program:

Boonshoft School of Medicine budget cuts

• Garyn Metoyer, medical student:

• Tyler Luonuansuu, medical student:

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