WSU budget cuts: School of Medicine may lose most, athletics least

WSU budget cuts ranked highest to lowest by department

Wright State University has announced it will likely layoff around 71 people while leaving around 107 jobs vacant, in order to save money.

The biggest cut in personnel will come from Wright State’s Boonshoft School of Medicine, according to a budget proposal released today. The school of medicine will also suffer the largest overall cuts.

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While athletics will cut its two swimming teams, it will actually get an increase in budgeted funding.

The university detailed its budget cuts in a proposal today to the board of trustees finance committee. The proposal still needs approval from the board of trustees, who are expected to vote on it on June 8.

Below is a ranking of highest to lowest budget cuts per department. The list includes personnel and operational cuts combined.

1. Boonshoft School of Medicine: $3 million

2. College of Engineering and Computer Science: $2.9 million

3. Facilities management services: $2.13 million

4. Student Affairs: $1.76 million

5. Provost's office: $1.69 million

6. College of Liberal Arts: $1.38 million

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7. College of Education and Human Services: $1.28 million

9. College of Science and Math: $1.06 million

10. Raj Soin College of Business: $1.06 million

11. Office of business and finance: $1.04 million

12. Library: $1.01 million

13. Computing and Telecommunications services: $1.01 million

14. Lake Campus: $1 million

15. School of Professional Psychology: $876,000

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16. College of Nursing and Health: $795,000

17. Research and Graduate Studies: $792,000

18. Office of advancement: $540,000

19. Office of the president: $291,000

20. Human resources: $224,000

21. Enrollment management: $87,000

22. Athletics: $1.6 million increase

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