Xenia school board censures member

The five-member school district education board voted 4-1 for a resolution to publicly censure Dr. Robert P. Dillaplain, who has been on the board for 20 years, during a regularly scheduled meeting on March 11.

Voting in favor were Steve Alex, the board president who introduced the resolution, William Spahr, Lee Rose and Barbara Stafford.

Alex said in an email message that “… at the advice of legal council I am not able to go into the matter further at this time.”

Dillaplain denies the allegations contained in the two-page resolution that alleges he engaged in demeaning, threatening, abusive, discriminatory and inappropriate conduct and states he failed to “uphold the standards of ethical, civil and responsible conduct as a member of the board of education.”

The resolution characterizes Dillaplain’s actions and speech toward other board members and employees as insulting, abusive and discriminatory and alleges he publicly berated and chastised female administrative employees and a female member of the board.

“Perhaps I have been too harsh or too out-spoken in my criticisms of the superintendent and certain members of the administration,” said Dillaplain in a written statement. “But, the accusations contained in the proposed resolution are completely unjustified, unfair, illegal, and wrong. I have never done any of the things of which I have been accused.”

Dillaplain chastised the board in a written statement calling the resolution a “a bunch of unsupported conclusions” unworthy of the board.

“It is a shame that precious time, resources, and tax payer money are being wasted on this resolution,” Dillaplain said in a written statement.

Board members are paid $125 per meeting, according to the Brad McKee, the school board treasurer.