Amid Bengals speculation, Hue Jackson says he’s focused on Browns

If Hue Jackson is a candidate for the potentially opening Bengals job, he’s unaware of it.

News broke Sunday that Marvin Lewis and the Bengals will mutually part ways after the season. Lewis denied the report, though there’s little reason to question its validity otherwise.

Jackson, now 1-28 as coach of the Browns, had success with Andy Dalton as the Bengals offensive coordinator from 2014-15, and he was with the franchise from 2004-6 and 2012-15.

But Jackson said he’s focused on fixing the other Ohio team.

"I've kind of known about Marvin," Jackson said. "Obviously, we all know that Marvin is a close friend, but trust me, I'm not running from this. I've never gone any place and left it worse than when I found it. I'm going to be here, and I need to get this fixed as fast as I can because it's important."

If Cleveland elects to keep Jackson, both organizations involved are probably better off as is. The Bengals can bring in a fresh, new face. The Browns can give Jackson one more try to show progress.

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