Anthony Grant ready to lead charge into the next era

New UD coach speaks on 700 WLW with Lance McAlister

Anthony Grant takes over a program that set a school record for attendance in the 2016-17, topping 13,000 for the first time in the history of an arena that will celebrate its 50th birthday in two years.

The new coach of the Dayton Flyers knows as well as anyone what that means.

“That’s so important,” Grant said Thursday on 700 WLW with Lance McAlister. “I’ve experienced a lot of things in my career. When you have that, it makes your job as a coach so much easier. It sells itself when recruits walk into UD Arena and see that fan base and see the passion. There’s a reason UD Arena was picked years ago to be the site of the First Four. They know the Dayton fans are going to show up, and they know basketball and support basketball. When their team’s involved, it’s special.”

Grant played in 105 games in his Dayton career from 1983-87. When he was the head coach at Alabama in 2011-12, his team played at UD Arena. The Flyers, in Archie Miller’s first season, beat Alabama 74-62.

“I remember the look on my kids’ faces when they saw how rabid the fans were,” Grant said. “It’s special. I’m honored to have a chance to lead the program into the future. I’m grateful for the way Archie and his staff elevated the program. As an alum, I appreciate all the work they put in. Obviously, I’m happy for him that he’s got this opportunity, but certainly I’m happy to lead the charge for Dayton into the next era.”

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