Artist creates unique portrait of Great American Ball Park with names of every Reds player in history

Dan Duffy includes 2,069 players in his tribute to Reds

A Philadelphia artist has created a unique tribute to the Cincinnati Reds in their 150th season.

Dan Duffy, of, shared a drawing of Great American Ball Park on Twitter on Monday. The image contains the handwritten names (first initial and last names) of every player in Reds history. From 1869 left fielder Andy Leonard in the top left corner to 2019 shortstop Jose Iglesias in the bottom right corner, there are 2,059 names in all.

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“Cincinnati is one of the great baseball towns in the country,” Duffy said in a press release. “From Johnny Bench to Ken Griffey Jr. to Joey Votto, it has been home to some of baseball’s biggest heroes. Plus, there aren’t many teams that get to celebrate 150 years, so I wanted to make sure to pay tribute to this great franchise.”

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The drawing, which fans can purchase on his website, took 150 hours to produce, Duffy said. That included time spent researching the names, sketching the the work and writing the names and coloring it. He plans to do similar drawings with every big-league stadium.

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