An Aussie from Athens? Ohio State backup QB loves Dellavedova

A four-star quarterback recruit with the heart of a hardwood hustler?

It just might work.

And if J.T. Barrett goes down with an injury at any point this season, it just might have to for Ohio State.

That was the takeaway from talking to Buckeyes backup Joe Burrow after practice Thursday.

Burrow held court for about eight minutes. After confirming he doesn’t smile, he laughed frequently throughout, entertaining the media with tales of how he fell for Matthew Dellavedova during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ last two playoff runs, how ready he might be to take over if something happens to Barrett and why he can run but isn’t a run-first quarterback.

“No. I can’t be a run-first guy,” Burrow said. “I can break one for 15 or 20, but I won’t break one for 40 or 50. I can be effective, but I can’t break a big one.”

As for Dellavedova, the former backup point guard in Cleveland who left via free agency this summer, “I saw him dive on the floor and like punch someone in the face. That got me going. I got hyped.”

He also explained how a guy who was named Ohio’s Mr. Football in 2014 can carry a huge chip on his shoulder.

“Yeah I mean from the start in high school recruiting I was under the radar,” Burrow said. “I was from Athens, Ohio. Where is that? That’s kind of how I’ve played my entire career. I’ve played with a chip on my shoulder about where I’m from, how I was recruited. I wasn’t highly recruited but I ended up here. And I’ve kind of always just played that way.”

The interview left the distinct impression Buckeye fans might like getting to know more about Burrow — if not too soon.

“It’s a backup’s job to be ready, and if I’m not ready, then I’m not doing my job,” he said. “I’m not ready yet. I’ve still gotta get better.”