Bengals win without playing Sunday

A two-week run as some of the biggest Dallas Cowboys fans on the planet got off to a thrilling start for the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

Dallas rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott scored a 32-yard touchdown with 9 seconds remaining to lift the Cowboys to a 35-30 victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers, meaning the Bengals can move into second place in the AFC North with a win tonight against the New York Giants.

Baltimore improved to 5-4 with Thursday night’s win against hapless Cleveland (0-10), while reeling Pittsburgh slipped to 4-5 with its fourth consecutive loss. The Bengals (3-4-1) would move a half game behind the Ravens and a half game ahead of the Steelers with a victory tonight.

And if that happens, Cincinnati would be in position to move into first place next weekend with a victory against Buffalo and a Baltimore loss at Dallas.

The Cowboys victory against Pittsburgh means every team in the AFC North except the Bengals has had at least a four-game losing streak this season. Baltimore lost four in a row after a 3-0 start, and Cleveland is riding the first-ever 10-game losing streak in franchise history.

The Bengals have not lost more than two in a row since 2012.

Here’s a look at what the three teams still in the hunt for an AFC North title will be facing in the final seven games:

Baltimore (5-4)

Composite record of opponents: 35-24-2

Home: Cincinnati, Miami, Philadelphia

Away: Dallas, New England, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati

Pittsburgh (4-5)

Composite record of opponents: 21-41-1

Home: New York Giants, Baltimore, Cleveland

Away: Cleveland, Indianapolis, Buffalo, Cincinnati

Cincinnati (3-4-1)

Composite record of opponents: 29-35

Home: Buffalo, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore

Away: Baltimore, Cleveland, Houston

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