Ohio State football: Buckeyes could play both QBs vying for starting job

INDIANAPOLIS — Ryan Day still has not picked a starting quarterback for his Ohio State football team.

That did not come as a surprise Wednesday at Big Ten Football Media Days.

What was unexpected was Day saying he might play both Kyle McCord and Devin Brown in games if neither separates himself in preseason practices that start at the end of next week.

“You’d like for someone to emerge during camp, but who knows if that’s going to happen or not,” Day said.

McCord is a junior from Philadelphia while Brown is a redshirt freshman from Utah.

They will have a month to get ready to lead the Buckeyes into their opener at Indiana on Sept. 2.

“You know, we’ll see,” Day continued. “I know that we’ve got to go into in that first game on the road so we’re gonna do everything we can and do what’s right for Ohio State.

“I’m excited to see these guys compete and to put it on the field. It’s so much different when you’re just throwing routes on air as you go through workouts than when you’re actually playing football. We’ve gotta go start playing football here and figuring out who the quarterback’s gonna be.”

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