Browns understand fans leaving early

Hue Jackson doesn’t blame fans for leaving early after the Browns fell behind 31-0 in the third quarter en route to another loss Sunday.

Cleveland lost 31-7 to the previously winless Bengals. The Browns sit at 0-4. Jackson is 1-19 in his tenure as coach.

"It pains me," Jackson said. "It does. I see it all. I saw everything here today because we all want to give them what they deserve. We didn't today. I understand our fans leaving. I probably would have, too. We weren't playing good enough. I respect that.

“Hopefully, they’ll be back next week. We have a big game against New York. I know our guys. We are going to go back to work on Monday, and they are going to get ready to play a big time game here at home. We need to give our fans and our football team what they deserve, which is an opportunity to win. That’s what we are trying to do.”

Rebuild or not, 1-19 is tough to handle. Jackson needs to start delivering wins soon or he won’t have many more chances to watch fans leave, early or not.

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