Carl Lawson loses two teeth in Bengals’ win

Carl Lawson and his Bengals had a pretty good day, aside from him losing his teeth.

The Atlanta native was attempting to sack Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer, and somehow lost two teeth in the process.

"I got around the edge, and I thought I got a sack, but they said the ball was going forward," Lawson said. "When I was bringing him down, I just see my teeth in the air for like two seconds. I was like, 'Holy crap.'"

Lawson looks like a prototypical 4-3 defensive end, and he’s produced as well as the Bengals could hope over the season’s first month. But Sunday gave him an NFL revalation: This game is tough.

Teammates teased Lawson because he wasn’t wearing his mouthpiece, which they repeatedly told him not to do.

"He was not wearing a mouthpiece. He won't listen," linebacker Kevin Minter said. "But he looks like a fool now."

In the end, Lawson’s not complaining. He produced his intended pressure.

"If it had gotten knocked out any other play, I probably would've been more upset, but that was a good rush,” he said. “I sacrificed my teeth for it."

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