Cincinnati Bengals NFL draft selections and order

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Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis discusses new offensive line coach Frank Pollack and other changes to his staff as well as the health of John Ross, last year?€™s No. 1 pick.

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The 2018 NFL Draft is set for April 26-28.

After free agency, that will be the next chance the Cincinnati Bengals have to supplement their roster with the type of talent needed to get back to the postseason after a two-year absence.

Coach Marvin Lewis’ team has 11 picks, including four compensatory selections gained from free agents lost last offseason.

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Since two of those and another pick from New England fall in the seventh round, the team will have an interesting opportunity to take multiple players late before they hit free agency.

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Stars from Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Iowa, Texas and Ohio State give some insight into the NFL

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What might they do with all those picks?

Director of personnel Duke Tobin said "everything is on the table" with the first pick, even a quarterbackthough that position is more likely to be filled later in the draft (if at all).

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They are widely expected to try to address major needs on the offensive line early in the draft and may like to infuse more young talent into the defense.

Bengals picks 

1-21-21 Cincinnati from Buffalo

2-14-46 Cincinnati

3-13-77 Cincinnati

3-36-100 Cincinnati (Compensatory Selection)

4-12-112 Cincinnati

5-14-151 Cincinnati

5-21-158 Cincinnati from Buffalo

5-33-170 Cincinnati (Compensatory Selection)

7-31-249 Cincinnati from New England

7-34-252 Cincinnati (Compensatory Selection)

7-35-253 Cincinnati (Compensatory Selection)