Dayton Flyers’ Sam Miller suspended for semester, won’t play this fall

Dayton Flyers’ Sam Miller suspended for semester, won’t play this fall

Dayton Flyers men’s basketball player Sam Miller says he has been suspended from the University of Dayton following an incident two weeks ago in the Greene County Jail.

In a statement his attorney sent to the Dayton Daily News and WHIO, Miller, 20, said he is “incredibly sorry for the incidents” and “accepts full responsibility for the negative way my actions reflect on the University of Dayton, the Men’s Basketball program, and myself.”

Miller is accused of assaulting a fellow inmate on Sunday, July 30, in the Greene County Jail after an initial arrest for disorderly conduct by intoxication and underage consumption at Caddy’s Taphouse in Beavercreek.

“The University has suspended me for one semester, a decision I have accepted without appeal. In addition, my scholarship has been revoked by the athletic department and, therefore, I will not be a part of the Men’s Basketball program at the University of Dayton this fall,” Miller said.

“It will definitely be a challenge being away from my teammates and the university that I love, but I understand this is a necessary consequence of my actions. I have sought counseling to better understand myself and what led to my mistakes, and I will emerge from this a better person. Lastly, I would like to thank my family, teammates, and close friends who have been so supportive of me during this difficult time in my life,” Miller said.

UD confirmed Miller's scholarship has been revoked for the year. That means Dayton has one scholarship open for the 2017-18 season. Division I teams can have 13 scholarship players.

In a statement, Dayton head coach Anthony Grant said he is “proud of Sam for accepting responsibility for his actions and the consequences for them in such a public manner.”

“Our program has high expectations regarding the behavior, character, and moral integrity of the individuals that comprise our team,” Grant said. “Sam's actions fell very short of those expectations. It is my hope that he has taken the first steps in learning and maturing from this incident.”

“Right now, we think it’s best for Sam to focus on his personal well-being and address his future. He has to meet certain conditions set by the University to return to school as a student, and if he pursues that, we will discuss his future with the basketball program at the appropriate time,” Grant said.

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