GoFundMe post seeks help for family of former Dayton Flyer Kyle Davis

According to a GoFundMe post, former Dayton Flyers guard Kyle Davis and his family are in need of help.

Created Thursday, the post says the family home of Davis on the south side of Chicago was destroyed by fire last month:

On April 4, 2017, the family home of recent University of Dayton graduate and basketball player, Kyle Davis, was destroyed by a fire.

This was his family's home on the south side of Chicago. There were 9 family members living in the home they have owned for over 60 years when a faulty heater in his uncle's bedroom started the fire. The family, including 3 great aunties, a great uncle, a cousin and her daughter as well as his mother and sister are now living in temporary housing.

Davis was among the Flyers to graduate from the university on Sunday.

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💯🎓#classof2017 pic.twitter.com/kvij1XslXP— Kyle Davis (@KD_MP3) May 7, 2017

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