Hartsock: Former Flyer looking for his next chance

Nobody knows the underdog role better than Devin Oliver. The former Flyer even embraces it in his twitter handle (@The_Underdog5), and he’s again trying to prove he can play at a higher level.

Oliver recently returned home after a season in Slovenia where his Union Olimpija team ended up won the league title and Oliver was named tournament MVP.

“It’s been the best year of my professional career so far,” Oliver said. “Really blessed, I was in a tough place a little over a year ago and bounced back and had a great year. I’m excited for what’s coming up next.”

The “tough place” that Devin alluded to was Israel where he signed with a team last year and parted ways before the season ended.

With stops in Belgium, Israel, and France, Oliver’s passport is filling up quickly and he’s anxious to see where the next stop will be.

“I had a good year and I just want to keep working and get better. I’m excited to work on my game this summer and let my agent do his job and see what comes up. Hopefully a bigger deal and I’m always trying to get back here at some point.”

Devin admits he’s a better player now than the guy who led the Flyers to the Elite Eight in 2014. Those memories never get old when he gets together with former teammates at Alumni Weekend on campus.

“Dayton always feels like home,” Oliver said. “I really don’t have to worry about waking up and getting a workout in so I can enjoy myself a little bit this weekend.”

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