Hue Jackson doesn’t know anyone else in NFL who can do his job

Browns coach Hue Jackson has no wins but an overabundance of entertaining lines.

Jackson said Thursday that he still fully expects to keep his job despite the looming possibility of an 0-16 season if Cleveland loses to Pittsburgh on Sunday.

He also confirmed he’ll keep his promise to jump in Lake Erie if the Browns went 1-15 again. It’s likely they won’t, to be fair, but he’s going swimming regardless.

Among other quotes, Jackson said his job has been difficult and few are qualified to handle it.

"I don't know that anybody else in the National Football League can do this job right now," Jackson said. "Being in this situation is hard. Everything comes at you, whether you are putting out fires or helping guys through things or keeping the football team together, to me, you better have some strength to do that."

Owner Jimmy Haslem has promised a Jackson return. If that comes to fruition, next year needs to be a big leap forward for the Browns.

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