Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto continues to troll opposing fans

Joey Votto just might keep the Cincinnati Reds relevant all by himself.

Oh sure, he’s off to an unimpressive start at the plate, but the first baseman continues to make headlines with his ongoing fun (we think) feud with fans of other teams.

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Philadelphia was the scene of Votto’s latest crime as he took the unusual step of grabbing a ball before it could roll within reach of some fans sitting along the first-base line.

Votto has previously had run-ins with Philly fans as well as messing with followers of the Cubs and Nationals.

Is this called for? No.

Is it unkind? Yes.

Is it funny? Of course (as long as it doesn’t happen to you).

As for Votto’s actual job of playing baseball, he is 9-for-35 through nine games. More surprising: the famously patient first baseman has only walked twice (plus an intentional pass).

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