Knucklehead of the Week: Phil Mickelson

This week’s prestigious Knucklehead of the Week award, which I hand out weekly to a sports figure who needs a slap upside the head, goes to Phil Mickelson.

Lefty made his first public appearance this week since being named in a federal complaint focusing on an insider-trading scandal. Mickelson made $931,000 in a single trade of Dean Foods in 2012. He was not criminally charged and the Securities and Exchange Commission said he benefited only from the illegal deeds of others. Those “others” won’t be so lucky.

The complaint accused Las Vegas gambler Billy Walters and a corporate high-roller of making millions in illegal stock trades. The SEC alleged that Mickelson owed the gambler money and placed bets with him before the stock tip.

Mickelson might have wiggled out of jail time, but the PGA Tour might have more to say on the matter. Seems the tour isn’t big on its guys associating with known gamblers. Something about integrity of the game.

“I’m disappointed to have been a part of that whole thing,” Mickelson said this week at the Memorial in Dublin. “But after a thorough investigation, I’m pleased that it’s behind me. … I’m glad it’s over and it’s in the past. Ready to move on.”

Sounds a little like Mark McGwire.


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