MLB Draft: What Nick Lodolo said about being drafted by the Cincinnati Reds

The newest member of the Cincinnati Reds First Round Draft Picks Club is Nick Lodolo.

The team’s 2019 selection spoke with reporters on a conference call shortly after the Reds used the No. 7 overall pick on him, and this is what he had to say.

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On being picked by the Reds, as predicted in many mock drafts: Not really surprised. It's hard to put into words. It's just awesome. I was hoping to hear my name called early and it was. I don't even know what to say about that.

“I’m absolutely ecstatic for the opportunity and just from the little bit of knowledge I have of them from talking with the area scout and the scouting director I couldn’t be more excited to get going and get up there as fas as I can to help out.”

On himself as a pitcher: "I'm a guy who throws a lot of strikes, commands three pitches very well. I pitch a lot off my fastball and move in and out."

On why he went to TCU instead of signing with the Pirates after they took him 41st in the 2016 draft: "I was pretty much set on that from the beginning.

“I really wanted to go to school and I knew if I signed out of high school I was not going to go back to do four years of education. Education was really important to me and my family and I really wanted to get the college experience. I wanted to experience college and what college has to offer, getting out there and growing up on my own in the college environment. TCU has been absolutely awesome. I do not regret a single bit even before tonight. TCU has been awesome to my family and it’s hard to explain but this place is something special.”

He majored in communications and found college beneficial: "Especially here at TCU they set you up to succeed. You have all the resources possible you could even imagine. Whether that is on or off the field. On the field I would say the biggest things I've learned here at school is the mental game and learning how to pitch. In high school, you don't get any of that. Basically you just go up there and your stuff is good enough to win games. You don't need to learn how to pitch and how to slow the game down and everything."

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