Head Pro Brent Sipe and Superintendent Jason Mahl talk about the year-long renovation one of the legendary golf courses in the Miami Valley. Moraine was origially opened in 1930.

Moraine Country Club goes back in time with $5 million renovation

Imagine, if you will, a golf course without trees. That’s not a bad idea for most of us who can often find a ball behind, under, or up against a tree. Majestic timbers have been a staple for golf courses in the last half century, many of them are named for various types of trees.

Moraine County Club decided to go with a different strategy for one of the legendary courses in the Miami Valley.

“We have spent a sizeable amount of money to go back in time in you will,” said Moraine head professional Brent Sipe. “We’re very proud of our history and culture here at Moraine.”

That history now includes about 3,000 fewer trees on the property just off Stroop Road, but that’s only a part of the year-long, $5 million renovation project. The plan also called for removing and replacing about 90 percent of the grass on the course, and installing a brand new state-of-the-art drainage system.

“Moraine is a unique piece of property that was carved by the glaciers,” said Superintendent Jason Mahl. “The rolls and terrain that we have here can’t really be matched on a new golf course construction.”

Moraine was designed and built in 1930 by Alex “Nipper” Campbell. The Scotsman was tasked with creating a course like those from his homeland. The newly completed renovation is meant to be a testament to that golden era of golf course design.

The course was re-opened to members last weekend to rave reviews…and a lot fewer trees.