Nick Senzel’s move to 3B raises questions about what Reds will do next

Maybe Nick Senzel time is coming to the major leagues soon after all.

The top prospect in the Cincinnati Reds organization started at third base for Triple-A affiliate Louisville on Tuesday night.

That is noteworthy because though Senzel played third base during his first two seasons in the organization, the stated intention was for him to play every day at second base when this season began.

However, that plan might have changed in the past two days thanks to third baseman Eugenio Suarez’s fractured thumb.

The Reds called up one of their recent first-round picks Monday when they put Suarez on the disabled list, but it wasn’t Senzel.

Alex Blandino joined the club instead, though that was likely a business decision more than a baseball one because waiting until Friday to call up Senzel would mean he has to wait an extra year before being eligible for free agency.

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(Here is a handy explainer on the ins and outs of roster rules from Redleg Nation if you want to know the specifics.)

Does that mean Friday is the day Senzel makes his Reds debut?

Stay tuned.

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