Ohio State Buckeyes: Offensive line coach looking for more violence

COLUMBUS — One word sums up Justin Frye’s message for his Ohio State offensive linemen this week.


Specifically, he wants to see more of it from the Buckeyes up front.

“There’s no lack of want-to, demeanor or grit. We’ve just gotta execute better,” Frye said Wednesday night.

“If you want to be a really tough guy, then be a tough guy all the time. We’ve gotta be more violent. We can’t be lines on a page. We’re not making a ton of mental mistakes, which is positive, but we’ve got too many point-of-attack mistakes, and you can solve that through aggression and violence.”

By “lines on a page,” Frye meant simply trying to get to the right spot or man on the field and feeling like the job is done.

“We get to the right people, but what’s your demeanor and how are you gettin’ there? That’s what we’ve got to execute and get cleaned up,” Frye said.

“You have the 3-technique (tackle) then you’ve got to go freakin’ block the 3-technique. So if there is any emphasis, it’s been that. I’m like, ‘Let’s be violent in executing our job,’ because we’re pretty good at communicating and knowing where we’re supposed to go.”

Ohio State is 89th in the country in rushing yards per game (133) but 62nd in yards per carry (4.59).

From an advanced stats perspective, the Buckeyes look better in some categories and worse in others.

They are 26th in average line yards, which measure the impact of the offensive line’s blocking by counting 100 percent of yards 1-4 on a carry, 50 percent of yards 5-10 and none beyond that, and 32nd in stuff rate, which measures how often a carry is stopped for loss or no gain.

However, they rank just 104th in power running, which measures rushing success in short yardage on third and fourth downs. They have converted just 62.5 percent of those opportunities through two games while breaking in new starters at center and both tackles.

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