Ohio State football: How much did suspension cost Urban Meyer?

Urban Meyer returns to full coaching duties at Ohio State this week lighter in the wallet.

The football coach's six-week, three-game suspension cost him $570,507.68 according to a document provided by the university in response to a public records request by this news organization.

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The sum reflects a reduction in his base salary as well as money his contract calls for him to receive for media, promotional and public relations activities, via apparel, shoe and equipment contracts and his university vehicle stipend.

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Meyer’s contract, which was updated in March, calls for him to receive $412,033.33 in monthly compensation this year.

The letter describing the financial terms of his punishment, signed by OSU president Michael Drake and director of athletics Gene Smith, is dated Aug. 30.

Meyer signed it Sept. 11.


Meyer was placed on leave August 1 after media reports accused him of mishandling allegations then-assistant coach Zach Smith abused his then-wife, Courtney.

A subsequent investigation found Meyer did not try to cover up the allegation but did mismanage the employment of Zach Smith, who was found to have committed a variety of misdeeds over a period of years, some of which Meyer knew about and some he did not.

Zach Smith was fired July 23.

Meyer was allowed to return to the team Sept. 3 but had to miss his team’s first three games.

The fourth-ranked Buckeyes play host to Tulane on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. at Ohio Stadium.


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