Ohio State releases more documents from Urban Meyer/Zach Smith investigation

In response to public records requests, Ohio State posted an "initial batch of records" from the investigation of Urban Meyer that resulted a three-game suspension for the football coach.

In an email, a school spokesperson said the university continues to process requests, which must be reviewed for potential issues with privacy laws before they can be released.

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In general, the documents include more details about incidents and events covered in a report published last week that documented how Meyer and other members of the university handled allegations assistant coach Zach Smith abused his then-wife, Courtney.

A full list of the documents can be found here.

Among the notable items:

  • Notes former Ohio State deputy Title IX director Miechelle Willis took during the investigation in 2015. She wrote of being in contact with Powell police and rhetorically asked what proper actions should be taken, noting at one point, "Lots of smoke — has had financial issues." Willis also wondered, "What would we do if this was a player?" to which she appears to reply, "Entitled to due process." Smith's activities were apparently limited and Willis noted, "When/if charges filed we take action."
  • Travel records from a 2014 recruiting trip in which Smith spent $600 at a strip club visit that included another OSU assistant and at least one high school coach. The same record includes an updated coaches manual prohibiting such activities the following year. (These were both noted in last week's summary of the investigation.)
  • An arrest record from a previously disclosed domestic violence incident from 2009 when Zach and Courtney Smith lived in Florida and Zach worked for Meyer on the University of Florida staff. Zach Smith was arrested, but charges ultimately were dropped.
  • An incident run sheet from the Powell police department covering a Dec. 17, 2017, incident in which Zach Smith is accused of banging on the door and looking in windows at Courtney Smith's house.
  • An email (dated Aug. 19) tipping off independent investigators about Zach Smith having been admitted to a drug treatment center in Mason in the summer of 2015. He is alleged to have left the program early and never returning to complete it.
  • Copies of text messages between Courtney Smith and Urban Meyer's wife, Shelley, in which Mrs. Meyer expresses concern for Smith but also worries about compromising the police investigation.

Urban Meyer was placed on leave Aug. 1, and his suspension from the team is to last through Saturday.

He can return to practice next week but must miss the team’s first three games.


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