Outdoors: Here are some great gift ideas

Whenever I am putting together one of these Christmas gift idea columns I always start with the folks at Fisherman’s Headquarters (142 South Keowee Street, Dayton). Without fail, they can come up with a new or unique item for the fisherman or outdoorsman.

This year, they were talking about a lure called the Whopper Plopper by River2sea. Size 90 sells for $12.99 and size 110 sells for $17.99.

Manager Chris Hochwalt also suggested the Sportsman Connection, Ohio Fishing Maps book. It could be a great gift for someone with a boat who likes to try different lakes. But it would also help out bank fishermen, one for the North and one for the South, over 100 lakes/streams in each book.

“It’s an awesome gift that most people won’t buy for themselves,” Hochwalt said. The books sell for $24.95 each.

• Online, I have been seeing some unique items like the Fishing Caddy. This neat piece of equipment is an all-in-one fishing system that comes in camo or blue ice designs with the option to have a padded seat top or a tackle box lid. The caddy also features a built-in cup holder, a live well, two rod holders, LED lights and more.

The Fishing Caddy was designed to help anglers have everything they need, keep it organized, and at their fingertips. The price range is $49.95 to $119, depending on the attached equipment and type of seat. You can get it at thefishingcaddy.com.

• Another unique product is the MagnetPAL, a little product with all kinds of uses. They are promoting it mainly as a product to prevent lost keys, but it’s also a stud finder and any other use a magnet can have, especially in boats and around water. Perhaps the most unique thing is to tie it to a line, drop it overboard and “sweep” the bottom like a metal detector finds items in the sand.

You can buy the MagnetPAL for $12.99 or a GrabbitSTICK (a MagnetPal mounted on a sturdy stick) for 24.99 at magnetpal.com/shop/.

• Ice fishermen or hunters in treestands have to have warm feet. And what’s warmer than buffalo wool? The Buffalo Wool Company makes all sorts of products out of buffalo wool, including socks hats, scarves, etc. Check them out thebuffalowoolco.com.

• If someone on your list spends a great deal of time outdoors, you might like to send her/him a pair of heated gloves. Check them out at voltheat.com. There are several styles and prices, starting around $150. That includes two batteries and a charger. Volt also has heated vests.

• If bugs might be bugging your pals, give them the gift of a mosquito repeller from Thermacell, The idea is this little device will repel mosquitoes without sprays. They have several products, including a portable for $19.97 at Amazon. They say, “Just turn it on and the skeeters are gone.”

• I don’t think any list of gifts for outdoors people is complete without mention of state parks. No matter what state you live in, state parks offer a plethora of facilities and activities. And in Ohio, there is still no charge for admission!

You can purchase some of that fun on line at parks.ohiodnr.gov. State park gift cards can be used for just about everything, from camping to golf or for lodging and food.

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