Pacman Jones calls Terrelle Pryor ‘garbage’ after Bengals 23-10 win

Two days after saying he didn't like Cleveland Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones lit into his former teammate after Sunday's 23-10 win at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Jones answered “garbage” repeatedly while reporters tried to question him about Pryor, who caught one pass for 3 yards.

Asked why he has such disdain for Pryor, Jones didn’t hold back.

“He started this (stuff) the first time we played,” Jones said. “(Pryor) don’t have no respect for people who done paved the way before him. He’s got to be the alpha dog.

“… It’s just the principle of you’ve been playing for so long and you’ve put in your work and you’ve young guys talking (stuff) who haven’t done (stuff),” Jones added. “I don’t really don’t get into personal battles because I’ve got respect for a lot of people, but certain situations it just demands me to speak. Truthfully, I could give two (flips) about Terrelle Pryor and his career.”

Jones said Pryor told Paul Guenther that the Bengals defensive coordinator was going to cut Jones after the game, although he didn’t specify whether that was before the first meeting – when the Bengals held Pryor to two catches for 18 yards in a 31-17 win – or Sunday’s game.

“The rest of them are real good,” Jones said. “Pryor sucks.”

At that point Jones reached over and shook a trash can and said, “Hold on let me find him. Hey, you in there? You in there?”

Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick joined in at that point.

“One catch for 3 yards. What’s his name? Trash,” he said. “We like to play around. He was our teammate. A lot of this is fun and games. At the end of the day, what the guy’s done, changing positions like that, I tip my hat off to him. But you can’t talk to the guys that have been doing it for a long time.”

After wrapping up their interviews, a late-arriving reporter approached and Jones started all over again.

“You want to talk about Terrelle Pryor?” he asked. “I don’t want to talk about nobody but Terrelle Pryor right now.

“For a guy that’s been a slouch around the league at quarterback, played decent this year for his first year at wide receiver, I’m saying all this facade, all the fake hard (stuff) that he plays out on the field, that ain’t Terrelle,” Jones continued. “I checked his background. He’s a suburbs kid from Pittsburgh. Terrelle Pryor was right there the whole game, right there in the garbage can.”

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