Sean McClelland: Truth works best for Browns with Manziel

The latest Johnny Manziel “revelation” is a glaring example of why respect for the media is not exactly at an all-time high these days.’s Michael Silver on Tuesday reported the Browns “lied” about Manziel being in concussion protocol when he really just showed up to work drunk late in the season.

Later, Silver admitted he should not have used the “L” word.

Because he didn’t know for sure.

Hey, the Browns don’t need help to look foolish when it comes to Manziel. From drafting him in the first round to coddling and enabling him, they’ve made every mistake in the book.

But lying about a concussion to protect him? That seems less than plausible, even for this bunch.

“The Browns lied and said he was in the concussion protocol,” Silver reported. “Let me repeat that: the Browns lied to try to protect … this irresponsible and very troubled young man.”

Good thing he made sure to repeat it.

Chances are Manziel probably had a concussion. And was drunk, too. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

For better or worse, the Browns — who denied they lied — stopped protecting this guy even before he donned a blond wig and called himself Billy in Las Vegas.

They want him gone now. They don’t need to lie. The truth does the job just fine.