H.S Results for 4/18: West Liberty-Salem softball tops Fairbanks

It was a standout night for West Liberty-Salem pitcher Kelsey Day on Tuesday.

West Liberty-Salem topped Fairbanks 7-1, moving the Tigers to 9-4 on the season.

Kelsey Day was 4-for-4 with a double and four RBIs on the night, coupled with securing the overall win.

Grace Woodruff went 2-for-4 with a double, while Kenedie Cox and Olivia Ames were both 2-for-3 with a stolen base for each.

A. Smith went 3-for-3 for Fairbanks, while A. Wulff went 2-for-4.

West Liberty-Salem travels to Tecumseh on Thursday.


Tri-County North 4, Bethel 3: Tanner Booth was the winning pitcher for Tri-County North with two strikeouts. Zach Edgin went 3-for-4 with two runs and and one RBI. Bailey Lairson went 2-for-3 with one run.

Southeastern 4, Cedarville 0: J. Connor was the winning pitcher for Southeastern with eight strikeouts. Ty. King, Tr. King and A. Lyons had the runs for Southeastern.

Fairborn 6, West Carrollton 0: Jacob Webb was the winning pitcher for Fairborn, while Dalen Gevedon was the reliever. Damian Burnett had a two out single that scored two runs, as did teammate Brandon Lilley.

Kenton Ridge 11, Urbana 0: Bailey Armentrout was the winning pitcher. Luke Holt had a bases loaded triple, a three-run homerun and six RBIs for Kenton Ridge in their victory. Gabe Spiers had a double for Urbana in the loss.

Piqua 13, Sidney 2: Wright was the winning pitcher for Piqua with six strikeouts. Iddings and Garland each scored three runs a piece, while Smith and Wright chipped in two each. Lavey, Karn and Toopes all had a run each.

Waynesville 7, Oakwood 4: Brady Stone was the winning pitcher for Waynesville with four strikeouts. Gavin Linkous earned the save. Kyle Leis went 4-for-4 with a double, a triple and 3 RBIs. Cory Clark went 2-for-3 with two runs and two RBIs, both for Waynesville.

Tippecanoe 13, Greenville 2: Aaron Hughes was the winning pitcher for Tippecanoe. Hughes also had a double, a homerun and five RBIs. Brad Calhoun went 2-for-3 with a homerun and Cole Barhorst had three hits.

Indian Lake 10, Tecumseh 4: Alex Jacobs was the winning pitcher for Indian Lake with nine strikeouts. Tyler Huffer led the offense with three RBIs. Stryker went 2-for-4 with a double for Tecumseh in the loss, while teammate B. Hale went 2-for-3 also with a double.

Eaton 6, Monroe 5: Ghye Wilson was the winning pitcher for Eaton. Donnie Nicodemus had the game tying run for Eaton and Colton Gray had the go-ahead RBI in the 6th inning to lead Eaton to victory.

West Liberty-Salem 12, Fairbanks 0: Thomas Allen was the winning pitcher for WLS with ten strikeouts and a shutout on the night. Allen also went 2-for-3 with a double and three RBIs. Chase Humphrey went 2-for-4 with four RBIs.

Lebanon 13, Northmont 1: B. Wilson was the winning pitcher for Lebanon with seven strikeouts. Wilson also went 3-for-4 with two runs and two RBIs. C. Perduk, N. Taylor, A. Fritz and T. Brossnahan also contributed two runs in the victory.

National Trail 6, Covington 4: Logan Petitt was the winning pitcher for National Trail with nine strikeouts. Peyton Lane had three hits, while Isaac Plankenhorn had two hits and a double.

Ben Logan 19, Greenon 7: Cole Waugh went 3-for-4 with seven RBIs and a walk off home run to end the game via mercy rule. Dalton Rockhold also had a three run homerun and chipped in four RBIs.

Northeastern 9, Greenview 1: Aaron Phillips was the winning pitcher for Northeastern with eight strikeouts. Alex Lockwood and Bo Davis each had two RBIs for Northeastern, while Garrett Peters went 2-for-3.

Franklin 6, Mississinawa Valley 3: Lawson was the winning pitcher for Franklin with one strikeout. Cable, McGlinch, Altic, Collins, Conley and Ressler had the runs for Franklin. Zac Longfellow went 3-for-4 while Cameron Shimp went 2-for-3 and Andrew Johns went 2-for-4 for Mississinawa Valley in the loss.

Fort Recovery 7, New Bremen 2: Wendel was the winning pitcher for Fort Recovery with eight strikeouts. W. Homan went 3-for-4 with two runs and an RBI. B. Homan went 2-for-4 with a run and an RBI. G. Doherty and A. Vonderhaar had the two runs for New Bremen.

Minster 1, St. Henry 0: Minster won the game in the 11th inning. Aaron Ernst was the winning pitcher for Minster, throwing 105 pitches on the night. Ernst scored on a wild pitch to win the game for Minster.


Fairborn 16, West Carrollton 7: Taylor Rice was the winning pitcher for Fairborn with eight strikeouts. Rice also earned her 100th career hit and went 3-for-4 on the night with five RBIs and a homerun. Bryanna McLean also went 3-for-5 chipping in a triple, a double and two RBIs.

Ross 10, Oakwood 0: Kenzie Meyer was the winning pitcher with eight strikeouts and allowed only two hits. Ally Ivey went 3-for-4 with two doubles and an RBI, while Whitley Arno went 3-for-3 with a sacrifice bunt. Teammate Emma Harville went 2-for-4 with an RBI.

Miamisburg 12, Springboro 0: Aubrey Azbill was the winning pitcher for Miamisburg with a two hit shutout. Azbill went 2-for-3 with two RBIs as well. Carrina Butler, Emily Kepple, Ashley Haas, Tori Faulkner, Abbey Haas and Akshatha Bharadwaj each had two hits for Miamisburg.

Covington 21, National Trail 1: Emma Dammeyer had five hits in the Covington victory. Dammeyer tripled in the 1st and 2nd innings, doubled in the 4th, and singled in the 3rd and 5th. Ashley Cecil, Sarah Hubbard, Lexie Long, Makenna Gostomsky and Kenzie Long each recorded multiple hits for Covinginton in their victory.

Newton 16, Bradford 7: Newton’s winning pitcher had eight strikeouts. Kristen Rappold went 4-for-5 with a homerun, three singles and four RBIs. Erin Norman went 3-for-5 with a double and an RBI.

Edgewood 5, Hamilton 4: S. Davis was the winning pitcher for Edgewood. A Williams and R. Todd both went 2-for-3 in the Edgewood win. M. Halcomb went 2-for-4 while J. Clemmons went 2-for-3 for Hamilton.

Franklin 6, Bellbrook 3: S. Raby was the winning pitcher for Franklin, allowing only four hits. H. Adams went 3-for-4 with a double and an RBI, while C. Miller went 2-for-3 with two doubles and an RBI. B. Stover chipped in an additional double and RBI.

Kenton Ridge 17, Urbana 0: Carly Turner was the winning pitcher for Kenton Ridge, bringing her to 11-1 on the season. Peyton Fleming went 2-for-3 with three RBIs, while Paige Williams went 2-for-3 with three runs scored. Carly Turner also went 2-for-4 with two doubles.

Monroe 14, Eaton 3: Alyssa Wagner was the winning pitcher for Monroe. Faith Hensley and Mikayla Decker both went 2-for-4 with two homeruns and three RBIs. Worley went 3-for-4 for Eaton, while Mowen went 2-for-4.

Lebanon 14, Northmont 2 : Lewis was the winning pitcher for Lebanon. West had a double, a triple and a homerun for Lebanon in their victory, while Strother chipped in another double and Gressly chipped in two.

Ben Logan 6, Greenon 0: Grace Deardruff was the winning pitcher for Ben Logan. Tahlsa Bowshier went 2-for-3 with a triple and an RBI. Kinzie Jones went 2-for-3 with an RBI, while Baylie Levan and Haley Wilson each tripled.

Boys Tennis

Edgewood 5, West Carrollton 0: Hamey, Winter, Murray (singles), Gilbert/Maloney and Maloney/Volle (doubles) all won their sets to sweep the match for Edgewood.

Valley View 5, Monroe 0: Justin DeVilbiss, Chase Midkiff, Ian Barnett (singles), Ben Holbrook/Ben Lewan and Michael Fischer/Carter Nolte (doubles) all won their sets in Valley View’s sweep of Monroe.

Waynesville 5, Northridge 0: Ben Muth, Daniel Papenak, David Muth (singles), Teeters/Sturgill and Schneider/Habermehl (doubles) all won their sets to sweep Northridge.

Troy 5, Greenville 0: Shane Essick, Elijah Sader, Andrew Magoteaux (singles), Jack Johnston/Nick Prus and Nathan Kleptz/Anoop Patel (doubles) all won their sets in Troy’s sweep over Greenville.

Little Miami 3, Ross 2: Lockman, York (singles) and Kronenberger/Williams (doubles) won their sets to win the match for Little Miami. Bolin had the singles win for Ross, while Toney/Ziepfel had the doubles win.

Sidney 3, Tippecanoe 2: P. Dev, D. Urata and L. Searcey swept the singles sets for Sidney to win the match. Noah Blake/Colin Achterberg and Christian Blake/Levi Berning won out in their doubles sets for Tippecanoe.

Centerville 4, Fairmont 1: Valley, Venkatesh (singles), Murphy/Appalaneni and Choi/Daskalakis (doubles) all won their sets to win the match for Centerville. Nawaz had the lone singles win for Fairmont.

Tecumseh 5, Urbana 0: Mitchell Foland, Michael Green, Drew Sarihan (singles), Christian Hunt/Johan Goksor and Scott Sinkhorn/Jacob Lewis (doubles) all won their sets to sweep the match for Tecumseh.

Xenia 4, Stebbins 1: Dorien Morris, Zane Cukovecki (singles), Chris Brodsky/Michael Graham and Spencer Titus/Aaron Harrison (doubles) all won their sets for Xenia to win the match. Connor Schock had the lone singles win for Stebbins.

Boys Volleyball

Centerville 3, Edgewood 0: Centerville won 25-11, 25-12, 25-8. David Stolz had one ace for Edgewood, while Phil Applegate had three digs.

Beavercreek 3, Carroll 1: Beavercreek won their sets 25-14, 25-13, 25-22 while Carroll managed to steal the first set 27-25. Stevens had 10 kills, while Gard had nine. Bethel had 33 assists and 15 digs for Carroll.


Prep Results


Monday’s Results

Monroe 11, Eaton 1

Southeastern 3, West Liberty-Salem 1

Hamilton 4, Princeton 2

Cin. Christian 1, New Miami 0

Fort Loramie 3, Russia 2

Fairfield 5, Mason 1

Dixie 12, Northridge 5

Ross 6, Northwest 5

Madison 5, Milton Union 1

Lebanon 5, Northmont 0

Riverside 7, Upper Scioto Valley 4

Tippecanoe 10, Greenville 2

Fairborn 10, West Carrollton 1

St. Mary’s 4, St. Henry 0

Butler 9, Troy 2

Mississinawa Valley 8, Randolph Southern 2

Oakwood 10, Brookville 3

Newton 14, National Trail 4

Northwestern 10, Graham 0

Tuesday’s Results

Fairfield 4, Lakota West 3

Bellbrook 13, Northridge 3

Tri-County North 4, Bethel 3

Fort Loramie 18, Jackson Center 2

Southeastern 4, Cedarville 0

Miamisburg 10, Springboro 0

Fairborn 6, West Carrollton 0

Kenton Ridge 11, Urbana 0

Eaton 6, Monroe 5

Piqua 13, Sidney 2

Tippecanoe 13, Greenville 2

Waynesville 7, Oakwood 4

Indian Lake 10, Tecumseh 4

West Liberty-Salem 12, Fairbanks 0

Lebanon 13, Northmont 1

National Trail 6, Covington 4

Ben Logan 19, Greenon 7

Northeastern 9, Greenview 1

Newton 6, Bradford 4

Franklin 6, Mississinawa Valley 3

Fort Recovery 7, New Bremen 2

Minster 1, St. Henry 0

Arcanum 9, Tri-Village 1


Monday’s Results

Russia 7, Fort Loramie 0

Fenwick 11, Purcell Marion 0

Triad 13, Cedarville 0

Greenville 7, Tippecanoe 0

Monroe 7, Eaton 1

Greenon 2, Ben Logan 1

Springboro 6, Miamisburg 1

Ross 7, Northwest 2

Versailles 6, Tri-Village 1

Northwestern 2, Graham 1

Kenton Ridge 11, Urbana 0

Coldwater 12, Mississinawa Valley 1

Fairborn 23, West Carrollton 2

Lebanon 11, Northmont 1

West Liberty-Salem 6, Southeastern 3

Arcanum 11, Marion Local 4

Dixie 14, Northridge 2

National Trail 4, Bradford 2

Greenon 2, Ben Logan 1

Sidney 6, Piqua 4

Tuesday’s Results

Mechanicsburg 2, Triad 1

Fairborn 16, West Carrollton 7

West Liberty-Salem 6, Fairbanks 1

Ross 10, Oakwood 0

Northwestern 3, Graham 0

Covington 21, National Trail 1

Newton 16, Bradford 7

Edgewood 5, Hamilton 4

Greenville 12, Tippecanoe 2

Franklin 6, Bellbrook 3

Southeastern 10, Cedarville 0

Kenton Ridge 17, Urbana 0

Monroe 14, Eaton 3

Franklin 8, Mississinawa Valley 1

Lebanon 14, Northmont 2

Arcanum 9, Tri-Village 1

Ben Logan 6, Greenon 0

Boys Tennis

Monday’s Results

Miami Valley 5, Oakwood 0

Urbana 5, Legacy Christian 0

Tecumseh 5, Bellefontaine 0

Spg. Shawnee 3, Greenon 2

Northeastern 4, Springfield 1

Valley View 5, Miamisburg 0

Beavercreek 4, Fairmont 1

Sidney 3, Lehman Catholic 2

Celina 4, Greenville 1

Valley View 5, Carroll 0

Lima Shawnee 4, Troy 1

Lebanon 3, Preble Shawnee 2

Eaton 5, West Carrollton 0

Tippecanoe 3, Xenia 2

Brookville 3, Trotwood-Madison 2

Northwestern 4, Kenton Ridge 1

Tuesday’s Results

Edgewood 5, West Carrollton 0

Troy 5, Greenville 0

Valley View 5, Monroe 0s

Waynesville 5, Northridge 0

Northwestern 5, Greenon 0

Little Miami 3, Ross 2

Sidney 3, Tippecanoe 2

Centerville 4, Fairmont 1

Tecumseh 5, Urbana 0

Xenia 4, Stebbins 1

Cedarville 3, Kenton Ridge 2

Chaminade Julienne 4, Trotwood-Madison 1

Beavercreek 5, Springfield 0

Boys Lacrosse

Monday’s Results

Miamisburg 9, Little Miami 6

Girls Lacrosse

Monday’s Results

Miamisburg 11, Bellbrook 5

Boys Volleyball

Tuesday’s Results

Centerville 3, Edgewood 0

Beavercreek 3, Carroll 1


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