Ross on missed deep ball: “All my fault”

Cincinnati Bengals rookie first-round pick John Ross was active for just the third time this year in Sunday's 24-20 loss at Tennessee .

But as was the case in his previous two games, Ross was a non-factor.

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Ross played just six snaps, brining his season total to 17, and finished with no catches on one target — a deep ball in which he stopped on the route, resutling in an overthrown incompletion on third and 5.

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“It was all my fault,” Ross said. “I kind of messed up what I had to. I think it’s a slim chance you’re supposed to do something like that. That was all my fault. It had nothing to do with Andy. I thought it was a great ball.”

That was the second play of the second quarter, and Ross was not involved after that.

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“It’s like you being a kid and you go the whole year being good, and you mess up that one time and you don’t get anything for Christmas,” Ross said. “That’s what it feels like. It definitely stings.”

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