Ryan Custer-inspired shirts fit Wright State Raiders to a T

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Benzinger steals Custer from interview

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Nike contacted every team in the NCAA Tournament to find out what their mantra was this season so they could make shirts for the players.

For Wright State, it was an obvious choice: The Ryan Custer-inspired “B3li3ve” that incorporates the injured sophomore’s jersey number.

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“We were going to surprise the guys with them, but it leaked on Nike.com that they’re going to go on sale , so the guys were asking me how they could pre-order them because they all wanted them,” director of basketball operations Nick Goff said. “I kept telling them to hold on, hold on, but eventually I had to tell them.

“I threw it out in a group text and they all put the heart emoji on it,” Goff added. “They’re pretty fired up.

We obviously got one for Ryan, too, and he’ll wear it proud on the sideline.”