Ryan Day says Ohio State QB competition unchanged after one week

COLUMBUS — Despite appearances to the contrary, the Ohio State quarterback competition is not over.

Coach Ryan Day said Tuesday he will still evaluate Kyle McCord and Devin Brown as the Buckeyes head into the second week of the regular season.

“I’m trying not to draw too many hard lines when it comes to this right now, honestly,” Day said. “I talked to the guys about saying our goal is to be a really good quarterback room and win games. And then as these first few games start to develop, we’ll get a feel for what that looks like. Learned some things about Kyle on Saturday. Saw some things that were really good and some things that he’s got to improve on. Disappointed we couldn’t get more on the field with Devin. Hopefully this week we can. But Kyle will start again this week, and then we’ll keep going from there.”

The continuing open-endedness came as somewhat of a surprise because McCord started last week’s win at Indiana and Brown played only two series after Day had indicated prior to the game he wanted to get a good look at both against the Hoosiers.

In Bloomington, Day explained Brown’s chances were limited because the game remained tight going into the fourth quarter.

He wanted McCord to have a chance to get into the rhythm of the game, and he did not want the entire offense to have to go through a period of Brown having to do the same thing in the second or third quarter.

Although Indiana is not expected to be one of the better teams in the Big Ten this season, the Hoosiers should present a larger challenge than Youngstown State, this week’s opponent and a member of the FCS.

That might mean a larger sample size for Brown.

“If it was an easy answer I’d give it to ya,” Day said. “And I think that’s what’s unique about this season. I wanted to see if we could get into a rhythm with Kyle and the receivers. That’s what we do in practice. And I thought at times we did, other times we didn’t. But we’ve got to find that right formulate because it’s a long season.”

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