Trotwood-Madison grad retires from football instead of going to Dolphins training camp

Mike McCray earned All-Big Ten honorable mention last season at Michigan

Trotwood-Madison graduate and former Michigan Wolverines linebacker Mike McCray announced his retirement from football Tuesday via a message he posted to Twitter.

McCray had signed as an undrafted free agent with the Miami Dolphins but will not attend training camp, which starts this week, after this announcement.

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“For some time now, I have been playing football for the wrong reasons,” McCray wrote, “and during this time I sacrificed my happiness and well being. I want to encourage those reading this to do what looks good on the inside and not what looks good on the outside.”

McCray, who earned an All-Big Ten honorable mention as a fifth-year senior at Michigan in 2017, also wrote that while this is the end of his football playing career, it is not the end of his football career.

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