UPDATE: List of Bengals legends to be honored in first two weeks

The Bengals will be honoring legends at halftime of the first two home games this year. The list of names has grown since the reveal.

Here are the new lists:

Sept. 10 vs. Ravens
  1. Ken Anderson, QB
  2. Isaac Curtis, WR
  3. Ken Riley, CB
  4. Lemar Parrish, CB-KR-PR
  5. Louis Breeden, CB
  6. Ross Browner, DE
  7. Ken Avery, LB
  8. Al Beauchamp, LB
  9. Solomon Brannan, DB
  10. Gary Burley, DE
  11. Turk Schonert, QB
  12. John Stofa, QB
Sept. 14 vs. Texans:

  1. Chad Johnson, WR
  2. Chris Collinsworth, WR
  3. Max Montoya, G-OT
  4. Takeo Spikes, LB
  5. Rich Braham, C-G
  6. Ken Blackman, G
  7. Neal Craig, S
  8. Jonathan Fanene, DE-DT
  9. Corey Mays, LB
  10. Shaun Smith, DT

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