Rookie quarterback’s dream of playing for Bengals off to positive start

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Rookie QB excited for opportunity

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Two weeks have passed since the Cincinnati Bengals picked Logan Woodside in the seventh round, but the Frankfort, Ky. native sounded just as excited for his first rookie camp practice as he did on draft night when his favorite team growing up took a chance on him.

“That’s something I always wanted was to be drafted by the Bengals, and them taking me in the seventh round means they believe in me,” Woodside said. “There’s an opportunity for me to go out and compete, and that’s what I’m looking to do.”

The University of Toledo career leader in passing yards, passing efficiency and touchdowns is one of two quarterbacks at rookie camp, along with Idaho’s Matt Linehan, who is competing on a tryout basis.

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When the Bengals move into Phase III of offseason team activities in a couple of weeks, Woodside will join a crowded quarterback room with Andy Dalton, Matt Barkley and Jeff Driskel.

“I’ve talked to all those guys, and I think I’m just going to come in compete and whatever the team wants me to do if that’s the practice squad, to start or get water for Andy, I don’t really care,” Woodside said. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to win.”

His competitive nature was on display during a 7-on-7 drill in Friday’s first practice when he hit wide receiver Ka’Raun White in stride on a deep ball along the left sideline. Woodside let out a yell and began clapping emphatically after White hauled in the pass.

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“That was the first time we ran that concept, and it was good to hit it right off the bat and get rolling to start the drill and start that period,” he said. “I think things went really well. I think offensively we did a good job of getting lined up and executing the play that was called.

“We had some mental mistakes, but that’s going to happen the first couple days,” he added. “But overall, I think it was a good first day.”

After easing the players into the first day with a limited number of plays, the coaches added “quite a bit more on Saturday.” And Woodside said after the morning walk-through he was eager to get to the afternoon practice to show he’s someone who can process information quickly and correctly.

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“That’s everything,” he said. “They’re looking at the quarterback. You’ve got to get in the huddle and you have to be the leader and you have to make the call and then when you get to the line of scrimmage it’s all about execution.

“I think it’s not really the throws, it’s the reads and putting the ball where it needs to be whether that’s an out route or a check down to the back be accurate with it don’t question yourself and just make accurate throws.”

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