Wright State women’s basketball: Hoffman gets three-year contract extension

Credit: Joseph R. Craven

Credit: Joseph R. Craven

FAIRBORN — Wright State women’s basketball coach Kari Hoffman didn’t want to go into an important offseason with just one year left on her contract, knowing recruits would be wondering whether she’ll be around for the long haul.

Thanks to a three-year contract extension she just received, Hoffman can assure future Raiders she’ll be running the show through at least 2027-28.

“When we’re bringing in high schoolers and trying to get commitments and talking to transfers, it’ll be really huge for them to know we’re here for the foreseeable future and we’re trying to build this with the same people (on staff),” Hoffman said.

“I’m just thankful for (athletic director) Bob Grant’s forward thinking. … Every recruit asks us: ‘How long are you guys going be here?’ Having the answer to that question will really help us in the recruiting sector.”

After starting with 4-23 and 8-24 records, Hoffman and the Raiders have had a breakthrough season and have more than doubled the combined win totals of those first two years by going 15-13 overall and 9-8 in the Horizon League.

She was 106-38 in five years at Cedarville University before coming to Wright State.

“We just needed some time, and, luckily, it really came together in year three,” Hoffman said. “It takes time to put people in the right spots and to have your team understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

“They all got better. And my staff is more aligned. We’re all working in the same direction. And it’s really beneficial to see it pay off this year.”

The Raiders were picked seventh in the HL preseason poll but are in fourth place going into a home game Wednesday against Robert Morris. They have two more games on the road before the league tourney.

“I said from day one how bullish I was on Kari Hoffman. And, thankfully, I think I was right,” Grant said. “We’ve been fortunate to have a lot of successful coaches here, and she checks every box they check.

“She’s super competitive. She gets our culture here. She cares tremendously about her kids. I’m the least surprised person over this turnaround.”

Hoffman brought in several impact transfers this season, including the league’s leading scorer in former Malone standout Alexis Hutchison, who is averaging 18.4 points per game.

“I think we’re having such a good season because we trust the coaching staff, and the coaching staff is trusting us,” the Centerville product said.

“When things are going bad, we tend to blame others and tend to blame the coaches. We don’t do that with Kari. We’re just trusting each other.”

Hoffman and her husband, Jimmy, have three young children and have found a good family fit.

“I’m extremely happy. It’s right where we want to be. Our family has consistency. My staff has all stayed around,” she said.

“We’re getting local players. We’re breaking attendance records. It’s moving in the right direction, and we’re real excited for what’s ahead — because I think there’s even better days to come.”

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