Chance the Rapper goes undercover as a Lyft driver to raise money for Chicago schools

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Chance the Rapper gave an inspiration commencement speech at the historically black liberal arts college, Dillard University in Louisiana. According to, he spent a huge chunk of it talking about the amazingness of Beyonce Knowles... Chance was also awarded an honorary degree by the university Saturday..." His speech inspired others

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

CHICAGO – Chance the Rapper is so serious about raising money for arts education programs in Chicago that he took a second job as a Lyft driver to spread the word.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Chicago-born Grammy-winning hip-hop artist, who has given millions of dollars to Chicago Public Schools, recently went undercover as a driver for therideshare service to make a video that encourages riders to donate to the city's public schools arts programs.

The video shows Chance, wearing shades and a maroon hat, telling riders his name is John. Then he reveals his true identity and encourages riders to use the Lyft app's feature called Round Up and Donate that allows users to support his charity, The New Chance Fund, or others of their choice.