Allergy sufferers see symptoms worsen

Sabrina Neeley knows all too well what spring and summer does to her body.

“Itchy eyes, they’ve been just horrible right now the past couple of weeks,” she said.”

They’ve gotten so bad she gets a shot once a week. Like others, she wondered if the cottonwood fluff across the Miami Valley was contributing to her symptoms. Dr. Bonnin at Allergy and Asthma Centre of Dayton says that cottonwood actually doesn’t cause any of our running noses or itchy eyes.

“There is a visual association between seeing the cotton and being allergic to grass pollen.” Bonnin said.

Through the summer grass pollen will spike first and can be intense through the middle of June.

Heat and humidity in July could make the mold spores climb and finally weed pollen becomes a problem in August.

Dr. Bonnin says best thing to do is stay ahead of your symptoms.

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