The Clark County Health District is warning area residents that recent flooding may have contaminated residental wells. JEFF GUERINI/STAFF

Clark County health district warns of contaminated wells after storms

The risk is greater if the water crested over the top of the well, according to information from the health district. All surface water is considered to be contaminated with micro-organisms that could cause illness.

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During flooding, surface water may enter the well casing and force flood water into the geologic formations that provide the water supply. Water wells that have experienced flooding will require disinfection after the flooding has receded.

To disinfect, officials from the health district said residents need to pump contaminated water out and add the correct amount of a solution of chlorine bleach and vinegar. After the solution is recirculated, the well is pumped until the disinfection solution is removed. Instructions for decontamination of water wells after a flood are available on the health district web site:

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The health district is also mailing an advisory to residents in areas known to flood.

After water wells have been disinfected, the health district recommends the water is tested for E Coli and coliform bacteria to determine if the disinfection was effective. Residents may collect samples for testing and submit them to the health district. Sterile sample collection bottles and instructions are available at the health district’s office at 529 E. Home Road, Springfield, Ohio, 45503.

For further information or questions, call the Clark County Combined Health District at 937-390-5600 or email at


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