Mason park, with amenities for all abilities, will be site of World Inclusion Day event

WARREN COUNTY — There’s a day that has been dedicated to ensuring that people of all abilities, backgrounds, ages, races, religions, genders and other qualities are accepted and welcomed — it’s called World Inclusion Day.

“This is our second annual World Inclusion Day, and this day has been dedicated to people of all abilities, backgrounds, age, race, being accepted and treated equally. So, we are trying to gather a wide variety of groups to celebrate the unity of people who are different,” said Pooja Malhotra, recreational manager at Mason Parks & Recreation.

The City of Mason will host a World Inclusion Day event to celebrate people of all abilities from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Makino Park. More than a dozen vendors and food trucks will be participating. The event is free and open to the public.

“We are all gathering together to appreciate the diversity that we have in the community, and we encourage everybody to come and have fun,” Malhotra said.

As part of the event, a variety of organizations will set up table booths and some of them will be offering different activities throughout the day.

“There will be a showcase of a lot of organizations that represent, offer programming, or some sort of support system for people with disabilities. There are going to be some organizations that represent different, diverse communities within Mason and the surrounding areas. Then, we are also going to be having some fun events like a Bollywood Flash Mob or a Yoga demonstration,” Malhotra said.

Mason Challenger League, an organization for kids with special needs that allows them to participate in an organized game of baseball, will have a net set up where kids can pitch, for example. A variety of other family-friendly activities will be available throughout the duration of the event.

The first 200 guests will also receive a complimentary Italian Ice from Chill Out Italian Ice.

“The City of Mason took the initiative several years ago to get the all-inclusive Makino Park, and it represents how the city supports inclusiveness and diversity,” Malhotra said. “World Inclusion Day seems like the best fit for Makino Park for the purpose that park was built.”

“It fits in with what the City believes in,” she said, “and what this park offers.”

The City chose Saturday to celebrate for better attendance though the actual date is Oct. 10. The grand opening of Makino Park happened in the spring of 2021. The vision was to have a park for everybody, an all-inclusive park. Features at Makino Park include Common Ground Playground, an all-inclusive playground, an FCC soccer field, which is also all-inclusive and wheelchair accessible. The park has a shelter area for programming and gathering as well as restroom facilities. The park is also working on an on-going project for adaptive ball fields, which is expected to be completed next year.

“Makino Park is open to everyone, but the amenities there make it possible for people with different abilities to participate as well,” said Malhotra.

The event encourages the interaction, and recreational opportunities for multi-generational users of all abilities in a very peaceful and welcoming setting.

“We are very fortunate to have a place like this in the City, where everybody feels very welcome and safe. There are things to do, and you can participate, and the City has always been supportive of any initiatives that represents that,” Malhotra said.

“Last year’s event in Mason focused on people with disabilities,” she said. “This year, we broadened that group, and we have different diverse organizations that are participating in the event. So, it’s not just limited to people with disabilities, but it’s representing a bigger umbrella on World Inclusion Day, where people of different heritage, culture, or organizations that represent diversity are joining in.”

World Inclusion Day will be celebrated globally on Mon. Oct. 10. World Inclusion Day was founded in 2020 to unite communities of all people - from all abilities and all backgrounds - and celebrate living an inclusive life. The day aims to promote a kinder world.

How to go

What: World Inclusion Day celebration

When: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday

Where: Makino Park, 6100 Kopfler Court, Mason

Admission: Free. Family-friendly event.

More info: and