Barstool Sportsbook founder returns with review of Old Scratch Pizza

Barstool Sportsbook founder David Portnoy has done it again with a second Dayton pizza review.

Portnoy was in the area for the first-round of games in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and stopped by Old Scratch Pizza, located at 812 S. Patterson Blvd. He also stopped by Marion’s Piazza, located at 711 Shroyer Road.

On Tuesday, March 28, Portnoy posted his video review of Marion’s Piazza. He gave the longtime restaurant a 7.4/10.

The next day, he posted his take on Old Scratch Pizza.

“This is very good pizza,” Portnoy said. “It’s Neapolitan Midwestern meaning to me it’s not super floppy.”

He said Old Scratch Pizza was by far the most recommended place to go.

Portnoy gave the pizza a 7.7/10. He noted he not only liked the pizza but the vibe of the restaurant.

“Old Scratch be proud of yourself. Dayton be proud of yourself,” Portnoy said. “I’ve gone to two places. I would go back to both happily.”

Before choosing where to go, Portnoy took to Twitter on Wednesday, March 15 to ask where to get the best pizza in Columbus and Dayton. Suggestions included Marion’s Piazza, Old Scratch, Cassano’s Pizza King, Flying Pizza, Pizza Express, Dayton Pizza Factory, LaRosa’s Pizzeria, Milano’s and Dewey’s among others.

Portnoy is known for reviewing pizza during his travels in his One Bite review series. For more pizza reviews, visit

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