Community, collaboration key to new album from Dayton rock band



Joe Anderl, lead singer and songwriter for Dayton rock band The 1984 Draft, acknowledges the group’s new album, “Best Friends Forever,” took a community effort.

It started with Anderl (vocals, guitar) and bandmates Eli Alban (guitar), Chip Heck (bass) and Justin Satinover (drums) recording with Fred Vahldiek at Fredzoz Studio in Kettering but extended to other areas.

“Having so many people be so helpful is great,” Anderl said. “Fredzo was behind the helm again and working with him is such an easy process. We had former Daytonian Chris Common master the record. It was cool he wanted to be involved. I couldn’t be any happier with the support we get on the press side from Tim (Anderl) and Sweet Cheetah. I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone.”

The new album features background vocals from special guests Susie Ulrey (“Big Star”) and Cherry Fullam (“Bells”). There are also contributions on guitar and background vocals from Todd Farrell Jr. (“Hold Steady”) and Sean Gardner (“Two Cow Barrage”).

“The quality of guests we got to bring in on this record was just outstanding,” Anderl said. “Susie Ulrey is the lead singer for a large emo band out of Tampa called Pohgoh. To have her sing on one of the songs on the record was amazing. I always knew I wanted a female voice on ‘Bells’ and I had sung with Cherry in various projects and in church. I knew that was directly in her wheelhouse. Todd Farrell from Benchmarks and Two Cow Garage played guitar and sang on the record. My friend Sean Gardner from Winter Makes Sailors, Minnows and a million other Columbus bands sang and played on it too.”

“Best Friends Forever” is the follow-up to 2018′s “Makes Good Choices” and the group’s second album for Poptek Records. This time Andy Ingram’s local indie partnered with West Coast label Sell the Heart and Engineer Records in the United Kingdom.

“We found ourselves with an opportunity where several labels were actually interested,” Anderl said. “We have a deep loyalty towards Andy and Poptek. We didn’t want to exclude him but then an opportunity came up to have a possible presence on the West Coast and in the U.K., and it started to make sense. It was a way longer process but more effective from an overall band standpoint and it helps us reach new crowds in the Bay Area and the U.K.”

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