Dayton’s Century Bar recognized in national bourbon magazine

The Century Bar in downtown Dayton received a write up in the summer issue of Bourbon+, a quarterly magazine spotlighting stories of farmers, distillers, mixologists and bourbon industry enthusiasts.

“Not every bar has its own mission statement, and I’d venture to say a good majority do not. But then again, not every bar is run by the highly opinionated, smooth-talkin’, whisky-slingin’, boisterous and beloved, bearded bourbon baron named Joe Head,” said writer Sara Havens.

Head owns The Century Bar, located at 18 S. Jefferson Street, with Diane Spitzig. He began as a bartender nearly 25 years ago before becoming an owner.

“With more than 850 whiskeys situated on the back bar - 367 of them bourbons - The Century Bar has one of the largest collections in the Dayton area,” Havens said.

This is not the first time Head has been recognized in the bourbon industry. In 2021, he was praised as one of six bar owners who have changed the bourbon industry according to a blog post by Bourbon Veach.

“What is so amazing about the Century Bar is that it is in a control state with its limited choices of products that can be purchased. Joe has proven that it can be done in a control state. In fact, it can be done well,” the post said.

The post added if the Bourbon Hall of Fame had a category for “Bar Owners,” Head should be one of the first owners invited to join.

In related news, The Century Bar recently announced the opening of a new event space above the bar called “The Century Upstairs.” The new space is described as having “a unique, industrial-edgy vibe” with a blank interior that can be transformed. The space features a 25-foot full-service bar ready to serve up to 100 people.

For more information about The Century Bar, visit or visit the bar’s Facebook page.

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