Ready to see a concert? Local venues evaluate options for summer events as health orders ending

Credit: Lisa Powell

Credit: Lisa Powell

After a year without live performances, some local venues are reevaluating their plans for 2021 following the announcement by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine that health orders would end on June. 2.

The Centers for Disease Control also announced new guidance this week that people who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks indoors in many circumstances, though the CDC still recommends a mask in crowded settings indoors and for unvaccinated people.

Here is what the venues said:

Dayton Live

Sue Stevens, spokesman for Dayton Live, said in a statement: “Dayton Live is extraordinarily thankful Ohio is in a position to end the health orders issued by the state. We are evaluating our plans to fully reopen and look forward to sharing them with the public. We can’t wait to see you all back in our venues to enjoy live performances!”

Fraze Pavilion

Mary Azbill, a spokesman for the city of Kettering, which owns the Fraze, said the city does not yet have updated plans for the summer months, but they hope to have updates early next week.

The city previously said they are looking to open in late July.

Rose Music Center

Rosemarie Moehring, director of marketing, for Music & Event Management, Inc., which manages the music center, said, “We are looking forward to opening at full capacity in July. Masks will be a personal choice for concert-goers and not a building policy.”

She said up-to-date concert schedules can be found on the Rose Music Center website and more concert announcements will be made in upcoming weeks.

“We are very excited to opening our doors to fans and getting back to live music again!” Moehring said in an email.

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