Troy distiller to livestream bourbon aging, offer samples to subscribers

Hayner Distilling in Troy has announced it will conduct the world’s first livestream from inside a new whiskey barrel to allow customers to buy a bottle of bourbon as it is put into a barrel, and if they so choose, to actually watch the whiskey age for up to 6 years.

The distiller said that the Whiskey Webcam subscription also includes yearly samples from the barrel and the option for the customer to say when they want their bottle, and so decide what proof they want.

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It added the first sample is shipped immediately after subscribing, along with a t-shirt and membership card with a QR code to the barrel’s livestream.

Hayner Distilling President Greg Taylor said in a release, “If you think about it, that first sip of whiskey is actually the end of a journey that whiskey began 6 years ago. We want whiskey enthusiasts to experience the entire journey of their whiskey from barreling to bottling to that first sip.”

The program currently includes two bourbon barrels, with 125 bottles of bourbon available for sale from each, though the distiller said more would go online in 2023.

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